In Memoriam: Lout Donders (68) passed away

In Memoriam: Lout Donders (68) passed away
In Memoriam: Lout Donders (68) passed away

Former employee of Omroep Brabant Lout Donders has passed away. He was 68 years old. Donders died in his sleep.

Lout was perhaps one of the most important employees ever for Omroep Brabant. Under his tutelage, broadcasting became an important player. Lout worked for most of his life at broadcasting and before that at the commercial TV8 in Brabant and at the newspaper. He was our editor-in-chief at the news, but only really blossomed when the Miscellaneous department came under his care. There he ensured that Omroep Brabant became a high-profile broadcaster with award-winning documentaries, series that everyone in Brabant wanted to watch, and programs that people still remember.

Lou was a beautiful person. Merry. Enthusiastic. Fair and straightforward. And besides, he knew everyone in the province. Wherever Lout walked, he was greeted. And he knew everyone’s name, background and what they meant to the province. In addition, he sometimes forgot how important he himself was to Brabant. Because under Lout everything from Brabant got a face on TV and under his leadership young promising talents grew into successful program makers.

Lout enjoyed life, no matter how big the setbacks sometimes were. You could laugh with Lout. He knew where you could eat the best. He knew the quiet, beautiful places in the province. He managed to enrapture everyone when he spoke about the beauty of Brabant. And even after his retirement, 2 years ago, he remained active in the media and made beautiful programs at Omroep Tilburg.

As a broadcaster, we are proud that he has used his talent with us for so long. That we have been able to enjoy him for so long. As a broadcaster, we are also very sad. Lout had wanted so much to enjoy his new retired life, the fact that he had now become a grandfather.

We lose a beautiful person in Brabant.

From Omroep Brabant we wish his son Max, his dear Stephy and all Lout’s friends a lot of strength with this great loss.

Renzo Veenstra,
Editor-in-chief of Omroep Brabant

Hanne Koppers,
Director of Broadcasting Brabant

The condolence register can be found here.

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