Nicole throws wine in Martijn’s face in Married At First Sight: ‘Seriously furious’

Nicole throws wine in Martijn’s face in Married At First Sight: ‘Seriously furious’
Nicole throws wine in Martijn’s face in Married At First Sight: ‘Seriously furious’

Martijn and Nicole try to bury the hatchet after their conversation with expert Patrick. The two have breakfast together and have a fun activity planned: go-karting. That’s something they’re both very excited about. Driving instructor Nicole ensures that the couple arrives safely at the go-kart track. “You go and drive,” says Martijn.

It seems as if nothing is wrong, because the two are having the time of their lives. Nicole wins the race, but Martijn has the fastest race lap. They have promised each other that the winner will give the other a massage. “But what’s most important?” Martijn wonders about the fact that they both won in a different way. “That we both get a massage,” says Nicole. “I with you the top and you with me the bottom”, Martijn jokes.

After the outing they have a good conversation in a beach bar. Martin had a nice day. “Then I notice that I really like you, but just as a person. You could really be a friend of mine,” he says to his wife. Nicole wonders something after this comment. “Is that the feeling with which you go into the evening: that we are in a friend zone sitting?” Martijn replies: “I do feel that more and more. I am increasingly looking for: is this my wife for the future? I find that very difficult.” They decide that they will get to know each other further.

But then things go completely wrong during a dinner. The cameras are (again) not included. Nicole has fled to her hotel room. “At the moment I am seriously furious. He really triggered me a lot. He knows that. He knows exactly how to trigger me. I actually have no words for what happened now.”

Nicole explains what happened: “Tonight at dinner things quickly went in a direction that I didn’t want and at one point I was very fed up with it, got angry and felt powerless because I didn’t have any had a rebuttal about it. At that moment I threw wine in his face out of powerlessness. I think it’s very bad that I did that. That’s not very neat, but I don’t think his actions are that neat either.”

Martijn tells more about the incident. “We came back from that beach bar and we are in the car together. And then I come back to the word feeling, because I felt unsafe with her driving style. And then she just came back to that with: ‘You think that I can’t drive well.’ And then I said, “I do think you can’t drive. That’s right.” Then she feels attacked again, cat in a corner, she takes a glass of wine and throws it in my face. I would rather she verbally expressed how annoying she thinks I am. You are not going to throw glasses of wine. It was another expensive one wine too,” Martijn laughs. “Nicole’s book is closed.”

You will see how this all ends tomorrow Married At First Sight at 8.30 pm on RTL 4. You can look ahead at Videoland.

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