Laila Harrak, the Moroccan face of CNN International (video)

Laila Harrak, the Moroccan face of CNN International (video)
Laila Harrak, the Moroccan face of CNN International (video)

September 18, 2022 – 20:00 – Culture

The Moroccan-Dutch Laila Harrak, a former intern at CNN International, gained years of experience at various television channels, before working for the American group in Atlanta.

Laila Harrak will host the European morning editions of CNN Newsroom on Saturday and Sunday, as well as weekday news programs. A return home for the young woman who began her career in 2001 as an intern at CNN New York.

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After completing her internship in New York, Laila Harrak spent many years working for the Associated Press in Paris. She spent 10 years there reporting on the European Union, NATO, the war crimes tribunals in The Hague and major events in the Middle East, West Africa and Kosovo.

After her Paris experience, Laila Harrak left for Germany and started a new chapter of her life with the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle. She presented news programs there for nine years. She also played a pivotal role in reporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine, interviewing policymakers, activists and humanitarian aid workers, as well as highlighting Germany’s response to the war.

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Laila Harrak was born and grew up in the Netherlands. She spent part of her childhood in Tangier and studied at the Universities of Amsterdam and Leiden. Under Erasmus, she also took journalism classes at New York University and later at Ca Foscari University in Venice, Italy. Laila Harrak is a polyglot. She speaks English, Dutch, Arabic, French, German and Italian.

Laila Harrak on DW

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