German employee (42) of money transport on the run with million euros | Instagram

In Germany, there has been a diligent search for two months for an employee of a money transport company who made off with a million euros in cash. According to German media, it concerns 42-year-old Mirnesa S. She had easy access to the money because of her work.

Hans Renier

25 Dec. 2022

Latest update:

According to the German RTL Wouldn’t look out of place in a gangster movie. A woman steals more than a million euros in broad daylight from the money transport company where she works. The theft took place on October 14 at around 3 p.m. and was noticed the same day. The police have been silently searching for the woman for months, but without success.

That is why a gear has now been switched up: photos of the suspect have been distributed and a reward of 37,500 euros has been offered for a tip that leads to an arrest.

Surveillance camera

The woman had been working for a money transport company in Stuttgart for several years and handled large sums of money every day. On October 14, she stole more than a million euros. Footage from a security camera shows how she takes a black bag full of banknotes from a safe and walks away with it.

Although the identity of the suspect has not been released, German media know who it is: Mirnesa S. (42). The woman is 1.74 meters tall, has blue-green eyes, platinum blonde hair and many tattoos all over her body, mainly on the arms, the police said.

According to German media, it is a purebred luxury princess. Her Instagram profile shows that she loves fine jewelry, expensive cosmetics and luxurious accessories. She unpacks with designer bags, a Rolex on her wrist, lots of make-up and sprayed lips.

OnlyFans model

In Stuttgart, the woman is also known as Miki. Before she started working for the money transport company, she worked as a waitress. There are photos on Instagram showing the suspect in a hugging pose with an OnlyFans model from Stuttgart, who has more than 400,000 followers.

According to Bosnian media, Miki comes from Bosnia-Herzegovina. She would live in dissatisfaction with her parents because of her lifestyle. The German police suspect that the woman has fled abroad. The thief risks according to Image up to ten years in prison.

On social media, the suspect likes to show off her luxurious lifestyle. © RV
The woman takes the money from the safe and leaves with it. © Police Stuttgart
The suspect is 1.74 meters tall, has platinum blonde hair and several tattoos.
The suspect is 1.74 meters tall, has platinum blonde hair and several tattoos. © RV
© RV
Mirnesa S. (42) made off with a bag full of banknotes on October 14.
Mirnesa S. (42) made off with a bag full of banknotes on October 14. © Police Stuttgart/RV

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