Search for ‘Maddie’ McCann ends, material sent to Germany

Search for ‘Maddie’ McCann ends, material sent to Germany
Search for ‘Maddie’ McCann ends, material sent to Germany

The three-day search for the missing girl Madeleine McCann in the Portuguese Algarve has come to an end on Thursday. This is reported by the Portuguese channel RTP. Material has been found and will be sent to Germany for analysis.

The search, conducted at the request of German authorities, was the largest search for McCann in the past decade. An area around a reservoir in the south of Portugal was excavated by Portuguese and German agents, who were looking for new evidence to charge the main suspect, German Christian B., with murder.

According to the German prosecutor in the investigation, not only evidence was sought. “Of course we are still looking for the body,” he said. “There are other things too. Every find of clothing can help our investigation.” During the search, soil samples were taken around the reservoir.

‘My little paradise’

The German B., who has already been convicted of rape, denies all involvement. He was designated a suspect in 2022, partly because his cell phone was near the resort the night McCann disappeared. The suspect had previously described the place where the search was being carried out in recent days as “my little paradise”.

‘Maddie’ McCann disappeared from a vacation home in a Portuguese resort in 2007 while she was sleeping. Her parents were in a nearby restaurant at the time of the disappearance. The German authorities, among others, have previously ruled out that the then 3-year-old McCann is still alive. However, her body was never found.

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