Dozens of dead reported after school bombing in North Gaza | Abroad

Dozens of dead reported after school bombing in North Gaza | Abroad
Dozens of dead reported after school bombing in North Gaza | Abroad

Dozens of people are said to have been killed in a bombing of the Palestinian refugee camp Jabalia in northern Gaza. This is reported by the health ministry in the Gaza Strip.

The United Nations Al-Fakhura school, among others, is said to have been hit. A spokesperson for the UN agency for Palestinian refugees UNRWA said he had seen “terrible images” of the deceased and injured. The Hamas-led health ministry speaks of “at least fifty deaths” from an Israeli bombardment.

According to a correspondent from news channel Al Jazeera hundreds of people took shelter in the school from the ongoing bombings. “There are dead bodies everywhere and medical teams are trying to evacuate the injured,” one said Al Jazeeracorrespondent from Gaza.

According to the ministry, 32 people from the same family, including nineteen children, were killed in a second Israeli attack on another building in the camp. The figures have not yet been confirmed by an independent party.

UNRWA spokesperson Tamara Alrifai says no Al Jazeera that she has not yet been able to contact her colleagues on site. Speaking about video footage of the bombing’s aftermath, she said: “What we are seeing here is yet another horrific attack for which civilians and those sheltering from the violence in a UN-protected building are paying the price.”

Jabalia is the largest refugee camp in Gaza: it houses approximately 1.6 million people. More than 200 people have been killed and hundreds injured by Israeli bombings since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas, the Hamas government said in early November.

Israel has not yet responded to reports of the airstrikes.

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