A320 does not appear to be in emergency interception


A British Airways Airbus A320 was followed by two Typhoon fighter planes on Friday evening for a training of the Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) team.

Prior to the exercise, a warning was given that the exercise could cause extra noise. ‘Residents living around the airport may experience additional noise pollution as a result of aircraft involved in the exercise. We would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused,” Heathrow Runways wrote X, the former Twitter. At around 9:30 PM the A320, registration G-TTNB, took off westbound from London Heathrow. The machine, which according to Simple Flying is usually used more often for these types of exercises, was launched as ‘CHARIOT’.

Circles over eastern United Kingdom

The aircraft then continued its route towards the east of the United Kingdom. It circled around there several times. Shortly after the A320 took off, the QRA team’s two fighter jets, registered as ZK311 and ZK304, took off from the Royal Air Force (RAF) military base in Coningsby. RAF pilots are ready day and night to take action if an aircraft is in an emergency situation, such as when a potential security threat arose on board an Air Kenya Boeing 787 in mid-October.

Two fighter planes followed a British Airways A320 for an exercise © Flightradar24.com

Escort to Heathrow

The two fighter jets approached the A320 in the eastern Norfolk region. This was accompanied by the roaring sounds of the fighter jets. Data from Flightradar24 shows that the two machines then accompanied the aircraft to London Heathrow. The A320 landed there one hour and forty-five minutes later take-off. The two fighter jets resumed their routes to the Coningsby and Waddington military bases.

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