Unplanned landing A321 by passenger form


A passenger on board a Vueling Airbus A321 submitted a medical form stating ‘I love Allah‘.

The man made this declaration of love during a flight from Paris Orly Airport on the way to Cairo, the capital of Egypt. The A321, registration EC-MLD, took off from the French city last Tuesday at 2:45 PM, just over three hours later than the original departure time. Once on the road, a 29-year-old male passenger from Egypt felt unwell. The cabin crew offered the Egyptian medicine, but he had to fill out a medical form because he could take it at his own risk. He reportedly wrote on it ‘I love Allah’.

After a passenger submitted a medical form, the A321 pilots decided to divert © Flightradar24.com

Arrest in Rome

When the cabin crew received the form, they raised the alarm. A Vueling spokesperson said the A321 had been diverted for ‘safety reasons due to inappropriate behavior by a passenger’. According to the spokesperson, these are ‘fixed protocols’ to guarantee the safety of travelers. A passenger sitting near the Egyptian said France 24 that the traveler in question did not cause any disturbance during the flight. An unplanned landing was made at Rome Fiumicino where the machine crashed two and a half hours after take-off arrived. Immediately afterwards the Italian police came on board. The traveler allegedly shouted in Arabic, Italian and broken English that he was from Egypt and had not caused any problems. During his arrest, the 29-year-old became increasingly agitated. He was later released. No legal action has been taken against him. The A321 flew to Cairo just after 00:00.

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