Cabinet reserves more than 2 billion euros for support to Ukraine / News

Cabinet reserves more than 2 billion euros for support to Ukraine / News
Cabinet reserves more than 2 billion euros for support to Ukraine / News

The Netherlands continues to support Ukraine unabated. The government has reserved more than €2 billion for 2024. The amount is mainly intended for military support, but there is also money for truth-finding and justice, recovery and reconstruction, and donations to funds. This was reported by the Ministers of Defense, Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.

The government is thus fulfilling the promise made last summer during the NATO summit in Vilnius. The Netherlands committed itself to continuing to support Ukraine in the long term by signing the G7 declaration.

The amount for military support meets the Ukrainian needs. This exists, for example, in the field of ammunition and maintenance of already delivered platforms and systems. In this way, the Netherlands wants to contribute to strengthening Ukrainian air defense, so that the country can continue to defend itself against attacks on critical infrastructure.

In addition, the government is making €102 million available for humanitarian support, recovery and reconstruction for the first four months of 2024. An update of Ukrainian needs will take place in the spring of 2024: on this basis the government will determine the further contribution to recovery and reconstruction. €89 million will also be made available for accountability, including for costs for the future housing of a special Ukraine tribunal. Finally, €3 million will be donated for Ukraine’s cybersecurity.

“The Netherlands is thus sending a message of continued solidarity to the Ukrainian people. It can count on predictable Dutch support for as long as necessary. It is also a political signal to Russia that the government is determined to continue supporting Ukraine,” the ministers report in the letter to Parliament.

The reserved amount is comparable to the reservation for this year. €2.5 billion had been reserved for 2023. In the summer, another €1.7 billion was added to intensify military support.

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