Premature babies evacuated from Gaza Strip to Egypt

Premature babies in an ambulance on the way to the border crossing with Egypt

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A group of premature babies have been safely transferred from Gaza City’s al-Shifa hospital to Egypt. This concerns a group of 28 babies, reports the Palestinian branch of the aid organization Red Crescent, a sister organization of the Red Cross.

A total of 31 babies have been evacuated from Gaza’s main hospital, but the World Health Organization confirmed to Reuters that three babies remained for treatment: “They are battling serious infections and still need care.”

Good medical care

The babies have been evacuated so they can receive better medical care in Egypt. That country is known for its good healthcare, both private and public, says journalist Joost Scheffers NOS Radio 1 News.

According to Scheffers, it is unclear whether all the parents of the babies also traveled to Egypt. “In some cases the parents would be there, but often not. This is because many parents had to leave their children in the hospital and flee themselves.”

The WHO says on its own website that no family members came along at all.

The babies were taken care of at El Arish airport, about fifty kilometers from the border with Gaza. A medical team is ready there, the BBC reports. An Egyptian TV channel said the group arrived safely.

Last week, the Israeli army raided al-Shifa hospital. Israel says Hamas ran a command center from the hospital. Hamas denies this.

The babies are transferred to the incubator via an ambulance.

Babies evacuated from Gaza to Egypt

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