SAS conducts final 737 flight

SAS conducts final 737 flight
SAS conducts final 737 flight

On Sunday, SAS said goodbye to its last Boeing 737. To end the era, a farewell flight was performed.

The last commercial flight was operated on Sunday by a Boeing 737-700, registration LN-RRB, from Düsseldorf to Oslo. Later that day the same machine was used for a farewell flight. The flight started from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The device continued after the take-off course towards Copenhagen, where it is a low pass over the airport. After the maneuver the machine flew on to Oslo.

Before the Boeing reached mainland Norway, the pilots signed ‘700’ in the air, because the 737-700 was the last version to be phased out. The departure of the Boeing 737 from SAS marks the end of an era. The Scandinavian company flew different versions of the type for thirty years. From now on, the airline will exclusively fly with Airbus, ATR, Bombardier and Embraer aircraft on domestic and European routes.


The 737 has not completely disappeared from SAS. The company still has one copy, but does not use it for commercial flights. The aircraft, registration LN-RPJ, has been converted into a flying ambulance and is used for Medical evacuation (medevac) purposes. Its current mission is to transport wounded people from the Ukrainian border to European hospitals. The machine is also expected to be taken out of service in a few weeks.

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