Angry passengers after delayed Aegean flight

Angry passengers after delayed Aegean flight
Angry passengers after delayed Aegean flight

An Aegean Airlines flight was delayed last week for a surprising reason. Some passengers were unhappy about it and expressed their frustration on the internet.

In this case, the Greek Orthodox religion caused problems for the Aegean flight from Larnaca to Athens. Two hours before departure, approximately two hundred travelers were informed that the departure had been postponed by ten minutes to 8:45 PM. No reason for the delay was given. Around 9 a.m., almost half an hour after the original departure time, passengers were still unable to board. Once again, the travelers were not told why the flight could not depart yet.

A short time later the reason showed itself. A group of priests, accompanied by Cypriot police officers, walked past the waiting passengers and entered the plane. A large object, wrapped in a red velvet cloth, was taken. It then took another half hour before the object could be safely stowed in the front row of the A321neo. The plane ultimately left more than an hour and a half late. It later became clear that the object was a painting Our Lady of Consolation used to be.


Many travelers expressed their frustration on social media after the flight. “The pilot didn’t even apologize for the delay,” said a traveler on “The free ticket does not compensate for the lack of respect for travelers who had to experience inconvenience,” another X user.

Art is more often transported by plane. In general, the object is then given a different place in the aircraft, namely the luggage compartment. If transport does not run smoothly, this can have major consequences, as Delta Airlines experienced in 2017.

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