Lawsuits against Trump fail to make progress as elections approach | Abroad

Lawsuits against Trump fail to make progress as elections approach | Abroad
Lawsuits against Trump fail to make progress as elections approach | Abroad
Door Robbert van der Linde

While the primaries for the US presidential race have begun, former President Donald Trump is still at the center of some lawsuits. This is how things stand with the four biggest cases he is involved in.

1. Electoral fraud and sedition

Trump was indicted last year for trying to thwart the outcome of the last presidential election. This culminated in the storming of the Capitol in Washington DC on January 6, 2021. There the election results were confirmed. Trump supporters tried to prevent that with violence.

Trump is suspected of directly calling on his supporters to storm the Capitol. This would make him guilty of inciting an uprising.

Trump’s lawyers argue that he cannot be charged for this because he was still the sitting president at the time.

The case was scheduled to begin on March 4. But the start was postponed indefinitely on Saturday by the federal judge hearing the case. The court must first consider Trump’s lawyers’ request to drop the case altogether.

If the case is postponed until after the presidential election, Trump could pardon himself if he becomes president again. This is possible because they are federal (or national) charges.

2. Election Fraud in Georgia

Trump is also accused of election fraud in the state of Georgia. Together with eighteen others, he is suspected of trying to influence the outcome. Trump himself is suspected of, among other things, “leading a criminal organization with unlawful purposes.”

One of the other suspects is Trump’s former lawyer Rudy Giuliani. He was ordered to pay $136 million last December for making false claims in the fraud case. Like Trump, he claims to be innocent.

The charges against Trump and his associates were filed last August. A start date for the case has not yet been set. Special prosecutor Fani Willis has proposed August 5, but the court and Trump’s team have not (yet) agreed to this.

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3. Taking secret documents with you

The former president is scheduled to appear in court in Florida on May 20. That case revolves around the withholding of secret documents in his residential resort Mar-a-Lago. In addition, Trump is said to have obstructed the authorities when they came to collect the documents.

Jack Smith has been appointed special prosecutor for this case. He is also the same in the national case surrounding election fraud and the Capitol storming.

4. Hush Money Stormy Daniels

Trump is suspected of falsifying documents to conceal a hush money payment. He is said to have paid an amount of $130,000 (approximately 120,000 euros) to porn actress Stormy Daniels through his then lawyer Michael Cohen. She claims she had an affair with Trump.

The case is scheduled to begin on March 25. Last September, the judge hearing the case said that date could be changed if Trump was taking too much time on his other cases. He added that this could be discussed in February.

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