Israeli whistleblowers: prisoners operated without anesthesia and tortured in revenge | RTL News

Israeli whistleblowers: prisoners operated without anesthesia and tortured in revenge | RTL News
Israeli whistleblowers: prisoners operated without anesthesia and tortured in revenge | RTL News

Palestinian prisoners are systematically tortured and injured prisoners are operated on by unqualified personnel, often without anesthesia. This is what three whistleblowers who work in Israel’s Sde Teiman prison say to CNN.

Palestinians arrested in Gaza are held in this prison. In the prison it must be determined whether the prisoners have ties to Hamas. But prisoners without such ties are also tortured and held for long periods without charge, three anonymous whistleblowers told the American news channel CNN.

CNN spoke to more than a dozen former prisoners in addition to Israeli prison officials. Based on all those conversations, a reconstruction was made of the torture in the Sde Teiman prison.

The prison consists of two parts: a detention center and a hospital. In the detention center, prisoners are blindfolded and handcuffed, as can be seen in the leaked photo below.

Image © Photo taken by whistleblower, obtained via CNN.
Handcuffed and blindfolded prisoners in Sde Teiman prison.

“The prisoners were not allowed to move. They had to sit upright and were not allowed to talk,” says one of the whistleblowers. Anyone who moved or talked was taken aside and beaten. A guard says that some prisoners returned with broken teeth and bones.

Patients tied up and in diapers

In addition to a detention center, there is also a hospital in the prison. A doctor describes how patients are tied to their hospital beds. They wear diapers and have to eat through a straw.

“I was asked to learn things on my patients. Small treatments that were completely outside my expertise,” says the doctor. Moreover, these types of treatments are often performed without anesthesia, he told CNN. “If they complained of pain, they were given paracetamol.”

The hospital is not only home to prisoners who arrived injured. Injuries sustained in prison would also be treated. For example, a doctor reports that a prisoner who was constantly handcuffed suffered serious injuries to his wrists. So heavy that an amputation was necessary.

Israeli testimonies rare

Reports are coming out more often about abuses in Israeli prisons. Usually it concerns former Palestinian prisoners who testify about this. It is rare that Israeli sources also speak out. The testimonies of Israeli whistleblowers correspond with experiences of Palestinian prisoners.

In a response, the Israeli army told CNN that it always treats prisoners decently. The military does not deny that prisoners are tied up and made to wear diapers, but says this is only done for security reasons: “We are not aware of any incidents of unlawful shackling.”

In addition, the Israeli army says, prisoners are released as soon as it is clear that they do not pose a security risk. That does not match the whistleblowers’ testimonies. One of them even thinks that safety is not the main purpose of the prison at all: “The torture is not done to obtain information. It is revenge.”

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