Migrant boat sinks off Syrian coast, 34 dead

Migrant boat sinks off Syrian coast, 34 dead
Migrant boat sinks off Syrian coast, 34 dead

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34 migrants were killed off the coast of Syria when the boat they were traveling in sank off the coast of the port of Tartous. Al Jazeera said 20 people on board were rescued and taken to hospital.

The ship left the northern Lebanese town of Minyeh a few days ago, the director-general of the ports in Tartous told Reuters news agency. According to him, the people on board come from different countries.

Searches for survivors were hampered by strong winds and high waves, according to the harbor manager. It is not clear how many people were on the boat. The Coast Guard is still searching for survivors.

Lebanon is in a deep economic crisis. As a result, people are trying to leave the country. Last year there were twice as many as the year before. The number of refugees leaving the country by sea has also increased this year.

In addition to Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians are also trying to flee their habitat through the water. They often sail to Italy.

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Boats carrying migrants regularly get into trouble. The Lebanese army says 55 migrants were rescued from a ship yesterday. The vessel had engine problems and had drifted.

In April, a migrant boat sank near the Lebanese town of Tripoli after a clash with the military. There were about 80 Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian migrants on board. Forty of them were rescued, and seven bodies were recovered. The other thirty people on board have not been found.

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