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Ayelet Gundar-Goshen has won the WIZO Literature Prize 2024. The reading committee found the Israeli psychologist’s most recently published book to be the best out of eight titles by eight nominated authors. It is ‘Where the cloud lurks’, a story about the exciting experiences of Michaël, Lilach and their son Adam after their move from Israel to Silicon Valley in California. Gundar-Goshen defeated Robert Vuijsje, Leon de Winter and Emile Schrijver, among others.

Translation beautiful

‘What a wonderful way to include the theme of increasing anti-Semitism in this visual psychological novel. Or should we call it a thriller, with those ingenious plot twists? A book to read in one sitting!’ according to the reading committee of WIZO Netherlands in its assessment of the book. ‘Beautiful too, Sylvie Hovinck’s translation’. The tome Where the wolf lurks published in 2022 by Uitgeverij Cosee.

The award ceremony

Gundar-Goshen is very honored with the award. She was not present at the ceremony. There were others. Juliette Goudeket was the main speaker. She talked about her book The whole mess. Jessica Numann also gave a lively insight into her children’s book Logically! according to WIZO Netherlands. ‘We also reflected on the farewell of a number of members of the Reading Committee. Marja Krukziener, Robin de Munnik, Joyce Numann and Helen de Zwart are going to retire. Marijke Ron, current chairman of WIZO Culture, thanked them for their great efforts.

Reading clubs

Attention was also paid to former WIZO chairman Joyce Numann, who, as chairwoman of WIZO Culture, once created the Literature Prize. The award is given from the bottom up: there are reading clubs in which women read books together. That alone has a great connecting quality. The reading groups are always looking for new participants and the Reading Committee also needs expansion. Anyone who is interested can contact WIZO.

Other ‘winners’

In addition to Gundar-Goshen’s book, the following authors and titles were nominated: Robert Vuijsje with ‘Make the world better’, Emile Schrijver with ‘The Firkovich gang’, Leon de Winter with ‘The city of dogs’, Sasha Marianna Salzmann with ‘Everything Must Be Beautiful About Man’, Hila Blum with ‘How to Love Your Daughter’, Eshkol Nevo with ‘Sensitive Information’, Miriam Guensberg with ‘Heartbeat’ and David Grossman with ‘Lion Honey’. As everyone knows, there can only be one winner, but in fact everyone has won a little.

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