Donnie and Statiegeld Nederland advocate ‘Statiemonnie’ and other campaign news

Donnie and Statiegeld Nederland advocate ‘Statiemonnie’ and other campaign news
Donnie and Statiegeld Nederland advocate ‘Statiemonnie’ and other campaign news

Deposit Netherlands and Donnie introduce ‘Statiemonnie’

And yet again there is a brand that Donnie has flown in for a campaign. While we saw the cheerful rapper last month in the well-received campaign of De Vegetarische Slager (and before that at Febo, Toto, Albert Heijn and New York Pizza), it is now Statiegeld Nederland that has roped him in.

Statiegeld Nederland, the foundation responsible for the deposit system in the Netherlands, is launching a large-scale campaign to encourage consumers to return more plastic bottles and cans. About 95 percent of Dutch people know that there is a deposit on cans and plastic bottles, but still do not return them, research shows.

In short, the campaign (by advertising agency Noise and production house Better Call Sol) aims to change consumer behavior and is being rolled out widely: on television, radio, social media and online channels. In the previous campaign of Statiegeld Nederland (‘Das monnie bro’), the rappers from De Jeugd van Today played the leading role.

Jeroen Hillen, director of Statiegeld Nederland: ‘With the new campaign we want to encourage Dutch people in a light-hearted way to hand in empty plastic cans and bottles. Returned deposit packaging is processed back into raw material and we want to make consumers aware of the benefits of this. In addition to environmental benefits, you also get: ‘Statiemonnie’ back!’

The campaign has an effective strategy: set a good example. The search was for someone who appeals to a broad audience, can convey a message in a light-hearted manner and can motivate people without being pedantic, according to Hillen. Hence rapper Donnie.

Hillen: ‘There is one catchy track developed, which is divided into ten different crazy videos, with a chorus that emphasizes the core message: ‘Keep bringing it back, get Statiemonnie!‘ Donnie plays a different role in each video: from student to sports instructor, and thus shows that there is ‘actually no excuse’ not to hand in your bottles and cans, according to Statiegeld Nederland.

The first three of the ten versions are now live. When the ‘weather finally becomes nice’, a ‘park version’ will follow, Noise reports when asked. A ‘King’s Day variant’ should also see the light of day soon. No doubt more about that later.

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