Old Westerbork water treatment plant defaced with Nazi slogans

RTV Drenthe
Swastikas and slogans were placed throughout the building

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Strangers probably placed swastikas and Nazi slogans everywhere in the former water purification plant in Westerbork last weekend.

“A shocking discovery,” says Geert Woldman of the Westerbork Foundation at RTV Drenthe. “When you see how things are done there, it’s terrible.”

A large swastika has been spray-painted onto one of the walls of the vacant building, on a red and white background. On another wall it says ‘Ein Folch [sic]one Reich, one Führer!!!’. In addition, several slogans were sprayed on a water tank, such as ‘Death to Jews and ‘cancer.

Woldman, co-owner of the former water treatment plant, says he is ashamed that the graffiti is taking place in Westerbork. “Such an action does not fit anywhere, but certainly not in Westerbork,” he says.

Transit camp

Camp Westerbork, which is located a bit outside the village, was a transit camp during the Second World War from which more than a hundred thousand Jews, Sinti and Roma were deported to extermination and concentration camps.

The slogans were not posted in the camp, but in the village itself.

Woldman has no idea who is behind the graffiti. “People have been working on this for a long time,” he says. “This must have been done by a group.” He filed a report and asked the municipality to paint over the slogans as quickly as possible.

RTV Drenthe
A flag with a swastika on a wall

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