Merel Kuilder Branch Manager at artlogic Netherlands

Merel Kuilder Branch Manager at artlogic Netherlands
Merel Kuilder Branch Manager at artlogic Netherlands

After the heavy blow of the pandemic, artlogic has focused on growth in the Netherlands. The arrival of Merel Kuilder is important for artlogic, as the company strategically focuses on expanding in the Netherlands amid the challenges posed by the global pandemic. With a wealth of experience and a passion for the events industry, Merel brings a dynamic energy to the team.

Before joining artlogic, Merel worked as Crew & Planning Manager at Eventcare and played an important role in the strategic collaboration between artlogic and Eventcare. Outside of work, Merel’s interests are close to the vibrant events industry, as she enjoys attending concerts, festivals and theater performances to appreciate the work of different artists. When asked about her new position, Merel expressed excitement about the opportunity to contribute to a major European crew company and emphasized the potential for growth and advancement. Not only for artlogic, but also for its crew members.

Expand and improve

Reflecting on memorable projects, Merel singled out LagoLago as particularly impactful, demonstrating the breadth of experiences that Eventcare delivers to its clients. Merel’s goals for the coming year include further expanding artlogic NL and improving the quality of the crew, together with her colleague Vincent. Speaking about her first days at artlogic, Merel said the transition was smooth, acknowledging the adjustment period and highlighting the positive and welcoming start to her journey with the company.

“We are pleased to welcome Merel Kuilder to the artlogic family as BranchManager for our Dutch operations,” said Simon Stürtz, founder of artlogic. ‘Her expertise and passion for the events industry fit perfectly with our vision of growth and excellence in services. We are convinced that Mereleen will play a central role in driving our success in the Dutch market.’

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