Collection schedule Groningen April 2024 – Groningen

Collection schedule Groningen April 2024 – Groningen
Collection schedule Groningen April 2024 – Groningen

It is always a question whether the collection at the door is a real collection. Then it is useful to have a list ready. That is why we are publishing an overview of the upcoming collections in April.


Never feel obliged to open the door when it is already dark outside. If you don’t trust it, don’t take any chances. Many collections are equipped with a QR code to make contactless collection very easy.


Disabled Sports Fund

From Sunday, March 31 to Saturday, April 6, collectors will take action for the Disabled Sports Fund. The playing field for athletes with and without disabilities is not level, and therefore not fair. And that is what the Disabled Sports Fund fights for.

Heart Foundation

Collectors from the Heart Foundation will be knocking on doors from Sunday April 7 to Saturday April 13. They are committed to combating cardiovascular disease and improving the chances of survival and quality of life of cardiovascular patients.

National Children’s Aid Fund

From April 14 to 20, a collection will be held for the National Children’s Aid Fund. For some children there is not enough money at home. Enough for a roof over their heads, but not for their own bicycle, warm coat, carefree day out or calculator. They cannot escape stress about a lack of money. That has to change and that is what the National Fund for Children’s Aid is fighting for.

The full annual schedule can be found at


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