Green light for Eelderwolde supermarket despite nitrogen objection

Green light for Eelderwolde supermarket despite nitrogen objection
Green light for Eelderwolde supermarket despite nitrogen objection

As far as the Council of State is concerned, the construction of a new supermarket on the Borchsingel in Eelderwolde may begin. A group of local residents asked the highest administrative judge a week and a half ago in an emergency hearing to block the start of construction.

The arrival of the supermarket has divided Eelderwolde into two camps for a long time. Some residents would like to see a shop with an area of ​​3000 square meters, while others fear more car traffic and more accidents in the village. Since 2018, there has been a heated discussion about the zoning plan and the environmental permit of the municipality of Tynaarlo for the new supermarket.

In the summer, the opponents already lost an emergency session at the Council of State. Two objectors then seized the government’s nitrogen plans to challenge the arrival of the supermarket again. These nitrogen plans also include the Onlanden nature reserve as an area that must be protected.

The new supermarket would be too close to the Onlanden. According to the objectors, car traffic to the new supermarket leads to more nitrogen emissions. “It is sour that if farmers in the area have to stop activities because of the nitrogen plans, the plan for the supermarket will continue,” said one of the objectors to the Council of State.

Nevertheless, according to the Council of State, the construction plan for the supermarket does not have to conflict with government policy. This is because the cabinet leaves open the possibility to deviate from its new nitrogen plans.

The spokesperson for the project developer said earlier that the company wants to start construction of the supermarket as soon as possible. He thought that the Council of State should reject the new nitrogen objection from the supermarket’s opponents. That was also the opinion of the spokesperson for the municipality of Tynaarlo.

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