Chinese school starts in Zeist: children and adults welcome

Chinese school starts in Zeist: children and adults welcome
Chinese school starts in Zeist: children and adults welcome

April 3, 2024 at 11:37 am


ZEIST Last March, Yi-school opened its doors in the Vollenhove district. The Chinese Yi School is a non-profit organization that focuses on language lessons for children and adults. The first lessons have started. If it is up to the founders, the offering will be broad and diverse.

The name of the school, Yi school, was chosen because of its double meaning. Yi stands for ‘easy’ and for ‘change’.

Ping Jie Chen, co-founder and Chinese teacher, explains: “We want to convey that it is fun and easy to learn Chinese. And change is about your contribution to society. By changing yourself, you change the world.” An additional advantage is that it is easy to pronounce and therefore easy to remember.

Teacher Kang Sun started with a group of children with a Chinese background who do not speak the language well. “They understand Chinese because their parents speak it. But speaking and writing are more difficult. Their vocabulary is often small. We teach them grammar and good character building.”


The founders will provide a broad offering. Chen: “Children and adults with a Dutch background are also welcome. I taught at the CLZ, where there was a lot of interest. If you want to do business in China, it is useful to speak the language.” Colleague Sun adds: “We introduce people to the culture and customs.”

The school will also offer Dutch lessons to Chinese newcomers. Yan Zhao: “The waiting lists for language lessons are long. In this way we contribute to integration.” Sun believes it is important that people get to know the Dutch rules. “Being on time, cycling with lights, separating waste, small habits that are important.”

The school is located at Laan van Vollenhove 2193 in Zeist.

Contact: [email protected]. Mobile: 06 4266009

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