Zeeland submits frontrunner measures to the government | Stal-en-Akker.nl

Zeeland submits frontrunner measures to the government | Stal-en-Akker.nl
Zeeland submits frontrunner measures to the government | Stal-en-Akker.nl

The Zeeland frontrunner measures that were officially submitted to the government on April 1 should contribute to achieving the previously set nature goals. This is what the province reports. ‘Many measures monitor arable farming, such as protein crops, organic farming, but also nature outside the Natura 2000 areas.’

The frontrunner measures that Zeeland has submitted come from the measure packages of the draft Zeeland area program and can be implemented in the short term (2024 – 2026). This is how the province explains. ‘Not only agriculture, in particular livestock farming, is central, but all sectors are explicitly discussed. The measures also go further than just nitrogen and nature: from a test to see whether buffer strips have a positive effect on water quality to the installation of fresh/salt dams throughout Zeeland.’

Selected measures

The government assesses which leading measures are eligible for financing. This happens in two phases. It was previously announced that a maximum of 4 million euros has been reserved for Zeeland for phase 1. The province hopes to hear what the final amount will be before the summer. ‘For the measures in phase 2, the government is making every effort to budget 3.45 million euros for Zeeland. It should become clear at the beginning of 2025 what amount Zeeland will receive. The ministry therefore also determines for which measures money will be made available.’ Measures that are not eligible in phase 1 and phase 2 will later be submitted by Zeeland in the final area program.

Seriously disappointed

The total of 7.45 million euros for phases 1 and 2 is not what the Province had hoped for. ‘It is not enough to be able to do everything that is necessary,’ says deputy Wilfried Nielen, who makes no bones about it: ‘I am seriously disappointed. We are expected to take major steps and a paltry 4 million euros have been reserved in phase 1. That does not do justice to what we want to achieve here.’ However, a lot can be done, Nielen notes. For example, Zeeland will receive 47 million euros in phase 2 for the Nature Program, which is part of the draft area program. This is intended for measures in, mainly, the Zeeland Natura 2000 areas. ‘In this way we also contribute to achieving the set nature goals,’ says Nielen.

Zeeland Area Program

Minister Van der Wal (LNV) previously indicated that provinces must submit the next version of the area program before September 30, 2024. However, the Provincial Executive of Zeeland has decided to aim for a next version of the area program at the end of this year. This way the process can be completed carefully.

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