GeenStijl publishes leaked sound fragment by Khalid Kasem | Media

GeenStijl publishes leaked sound fragment by Khalid Kasem | Media
GeenStijl publishes leaked sound fragment by Khalid Kasem | Media

No style has published an audio fragment of a conversation between Peter R. de Vries, Royce de Vries and Khalid Kasem. In the leaked recording, De Vries would ask his then colleague Kasem whether he accepted money to bribe an official.

This is one of the recordings in question A.D wrote an article at the beginning of this year. In that article, former lawyer Kasem was linked to bribery. Shortly afterwards, the presenter resigned from his work for BNNVARA.

In the sound recordings it A.D in his hands, Kasem would admit to having bribed an official. In exchange for 8,000 euros, a client of his could be released early. At that time, father and son De Vries had an office in law and legal advice together with Kasem.

It A.D was faced with a publication ban. The judge did not allow the newspaper to publish an article about the recordings because of “a serious risk of attacks”. Later, the newspaper was allowed to publish the article under certain conditions. The newspaper had to ensure that certain information could not be traced back to specific people.

A.D-editor-in-chief Rennie Rijpma emphasizes that the fragment is not via the A.D bee No style ended up. The newspaper itself decided not to publish the recordings and still supports this. “We chose not to make the recording public because we felt that our story spoke for itself,” says Rijpma. “We have quoted verbatim from the recording. We have done so carefully. We keep the recordings to ourselves and protect our source.”

The dean of the Amsterdam Bar Association said last week after an investigation that he had no indications that Kasem had bribed an official or attempted to do so.

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