Fatal accident Phantasialand: victim was hit by roller coaster train, amusement park responds


Yesterday, 5:01 PM

The 43-year-old man who died yesterday in Phantasialand was hit by a roller coaster train. The police announced this today. It concerns a technician who was busy with maintenance work at the Taron launch roller coaster. He couldn’t avoid a moving train from the multi-launch coaster.

The employee suffered a serious head injury around 3 p.m. Colleagues called the emergency services, but the victim died on the spot. The exact circumstances of the incident are still being investigated. Phantasialand said in a response “shocked, stunned and inconsolable” to be.

“The fatal accident involving a beloved colleague, which has left a gaping hole in the Phantasialand family, leaves us speechless”can be read in a statement on social media. “Your compassion and kind words have touched us deeply. We thank everyone for their sincere condolences in this dark time.”

The thoughts of Phantasialand staff go out to the man’s family. The people who have to deal with this tragic loss.” No details about the accident are shared. “Out of respect for the relatives, we do not want to comment further on the incident at this time.”

Despite the drama, the planned start of the Phantasialand season is not in jeopardy, management emphasizes. “While this tragic loss in our midst affects us deeply and will haunt us for a long time, Phantasialand can reopen as planned on March 28, 2024.”

Boy (4) injured in Phantasialand attraction: father angry at amusement park

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