The book ‘Inspired Heritage’ goes for a second round | Living

The book ‘Inspired Heritage’ goes for a second round | Living
The book ‘Inspired Heritage’ goes for a second round | Living

Tue Apr 2, 2:25 pm

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AALTEN/DINXPERLO/BREDEVOORT – In September 2019, the book ‘Inspired Heritage’ was published by the Archaeological Working Community Aalten-Dinxperlo-Wisch (ADW). The book provides a nice overview of the monumental treasures in Aalten, Bredevoort and Dinxperlo and the hamlets of Barlo, Dale, Haart, De Heurne, Aaltense Heurne, IJzerlo, Lintelo and ‘t Klooster. “Since the book was immediately sold out and there is still demand for it, we want to republish the book, at least when there is sufficient interest,” says author Jos Wessels.

By Iris Jansen

Wessels: “The book highlights approximately 550 buildings that have a national or municipal monumental or characteristic status. These can be farms, villas, houses, mills, factories, but also boundary stones. In addition, the 559 streets, paths and ‘gängeskes’ in the entire municipality of Aalten are also named and described in terms of location, street naming and other details. The book is also a lot of viewing pleasure, because more than 600 photos from the present and past provide an insight into the cultural-historical heritage of this beautiful part of the Achterhoek. It is really special that so much photo material was still available. The collections of Ben Zondag, Bertie Rave and the late Leo van der Linde were a fantastic source with which we could adorn the book.”

Revised edition
It was a huge amount of work before the first book was on the shelf, but the information you want to publish must be correct. I have been researching and collecting information for six years. Sources can be found at the bottom of the pages in the book. Before we proceed to a hopefully second edition, I am now checking as many addresses as possible and making changes to the text where necessary.

Things can change in a few years. Unfortunately, some characteristic buildings that do not have monumental protection have been demolished and some new street names have been added. It is of course a lot of work, but you can say that I am also ‘inspired’ by being able to see so much historical heritage in our municipality again and again,” says Wessels.

Reference work
“The book also provides an insight into the history of our landscape and a beautiful overview of local history per village and per hamlet. But it is not only an interesting reference work for the people who were born here, it is also a nice book to give as a gift,” says Wessels.
“But before we start the printing process, we would like to gauge how much interest there is for the book. Until the end of May, interested parties can send me an email with their name, address and telephone number and the number of books they want to order.
This does not obligate you to anything, but it does give an impression of whether a reprint would be worthwhile.
The book will cost just over 30 euros and the publication date has been set for mid-November; so a nice Sinterklaas or Christmas gift,” Wessels concludes with a wink.

If you are interested, please email Jos Wessels until the end of May: [email protected].

The article is in Dutch

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