Better late than never returns, but not with Gerard Cox, Peter Faber and Barrie Stevens | show

Better late than never returns, but not with Gerard Cox, Peter Faber and Barrie Stevens | show
Better late than never returns, but not with Gerard Cox, Peter Faber and Barrie Stevens | show

The televisionprogramme Better late than never returns to the tube, but no longer at RTL 4. SBS 6 will broadcast the series and will let another company go on a trip. Peter Faber, Gerard Cox, Barrie Stevens and Willibrord Frequin were the first company to visit Asia in 2018 with Olcay Gulsen as tour guide.

The five visited Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Shortly before corona broke out, the quartet was allowed to travel again, this time to Central and South America. Now Katja Schuurman was their supervisor. The program was critically acclaimed, but the second series aired during the 2020 pandemic felt a bit strange, as touching and shaking hands were now out of the question, but it showed footage of a busy carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Around that time, Willibrord Frequin stated that he was ‘in talks’ for a third edition (‘There are still plenty of beautiful places to go’), but that did not get off the ground. The journalist and presenter died two years later, on May 26, 2022. Gerard Cox (83) confirms that the three gentlemen do not have to pack their bags for a third edition this time. “They called me very nicely that they were going to do that with others. No problem, mind you. I don’t think I could anymore. We enjoyed it and it looked very nice, but it is very strenuous. I think we made twenty flights. I was very much against that.”

It has not yet been made clear who will succeed Olcay Gulsen and Katja Schuurman, but it has been said that it would be a ‘sporty presenter’. Estavana Polman said she was not in the picture. Chatilla van Grinsven, who can be seen regularly in SBS 6 programs, could not be reached. When Better late than never on the tube, who will participate and where the journey will go, has yet to be announced.

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