Certification for Language Houses in De Bilt, Soest and Zeist

Certification for Language Houses in De Bilt, Soest and Zeist
Certification for Language Houses in De Bilt, Soest and Zeist

April 3, 2024 at 11:46 am

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Taalpunt De Bilt, Taalhuis Soest and Taalhuis Zeist are certified by the Certification Organization for Library Work, Culture and Language (CBCT) for the period 2023-2027. The quality and future sustainability of the language houses were tested during the audit visits.

Jan Brands-Leever, director of KunstenHuis Idea: “With these certificates we show that our functions and services are carried out properly and meet the quality standards. We even score an 8 on our policy and financial assurance and on our range of activities and services. A big compliment to our participants, employees, volunteers and partners!”

Initiator Bea Rigter of KunstenHuis Idea underlines the value of the certification. “The certification process helps us to examine our services and our working methods. We started as a pioneer with the language offering that was available and brought it together and expanded it. Now, together with the Balans Soest Foundation, the Refugee Support Center De Bilt and MENS De Bilt, we have a good overview of the entire regional language offering. We offer a suitable language offering.”

In the municipalities of De Bilt, Soest and Zeist, residents can go to the language houses and language points for individual language coaching, conversation groups, language lessons and language cafés. The libraries in Bilthoven and Soest and Zeist have open walk-in consultation hours, where visitors can study independently and receive advice under the guidance of a teacher.

A successful Language House and Language Point does not just happen. KunstenHuis Idea thanks the municipalities of De Bilt, Soest and Zeist for their support. Many thanks also to the teachers Agnes Rijksen and Elfriede van Nunen and the colleagues of the collaboration partners Odile Bekkering, Marinke Oosterom and Mohamed Omar Salim. Thanks to the many volunteers who are committed. And especially a big compliment to all those participants who worked hard to improve their language skills and made so much progress!

More information can be found at: www.kunstenhuisidea.nl

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