Motorcyclist arrested after life-threatening chase

Motorcyclist arrested after life-threatening chase
Motorcyclist arrested after life-threatening chase

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Wed Apr 3, 11:44 am


VLISSINGEN – A 33-year-old man from Vlissingen has been arrested because he performed life-threatening antics on his motorcycle. That happened on Tuesday evening, April 2, around 10 p.m. He ran off when an officer tried to check on him.

The commotion started when a motorcycle police officer noticed the suspect on Paul Krugerstraat in Vlissingen. Given the lack of lights on his motorcycle, the officer decided to check the driver. However, before the officer could take action, the motorcyclist took off. What followed was a wild chase through the streets of Middelburg, Koudekerke, Dishoek and back to Vlissingen.

During this reckless ride, the motorcyclist not only endangered his own life, but also that of others. At speeds of up to 160 km per hour in zones where 50 km per hour was allowed, he weaved across roads and sidewalks. He was not afraid to use cycle paths as personal highways, veered wildly around roundabouts and ignored red traffic lights.

Ultimately, the wild man’s ride came to an end on the Badhuisstraat in Vlissingen, where the man was brought to a stop. However, his willingness to cooperate with the authorities was hard to find at that time. He refused to get off his motorcycle and vehemently resisted arrest. Ultimately, officers had to physically intervene and use batons to get the man under control.

After his arrest, the man turned out not to have a valid driver’s license and refused to cooperate with a breath test. He is currently still in custody. It was also striking that the motorcycle he was riding turned out to have a false license plate, which further complicated the matter.

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