Red Bull F1: Newey honest about RB20 weakness: “I’m not very happy with that”

Red Bull F1: Newey honest about RB20 weakness: “I’m not very happy with that”
Red Bull F1: Newey honest about RB20 weakness: “I’m not very happy with that”

Adrian Newey officially announced his retirement from Red Bull Racing last week and so the RB20 will be the last car he worked on from the Austrian racing team. The lead designer and also chief technology officer however, reveals that he is not happy about one thing.

Newey is in his twentieth and final season at Red Bull, but he is said to have become increasingly unhappy there and so it was time for the mastermind behind so many dominant Formula 1 cars to take a new step. From March 2025, the 65-year-old Briton can join another team. Newey is mainly linked to Ferrari, while Lawrence Stroll tries to convince him with a large bag of money to come to Aston Martin. A return to Williams is also not ruled out.

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Room for improvement

Red Bull has already started the process of no longer giving Newey access to information and he would no longer be welcome at technical briefings. In this way, the team wants to ensure that he can take as little as possible with him to, for example, Ferrari before 2025. In conversation with Sky Sports F1 he revealed that there is something about the RB20 that he is not happy with. “I think there is always room for improvement,” the designer replied when asked whether more speed can be found in Formula 1 cars in the era when ground effect is central.

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Third evolution

Commenting on the RB20, Newey said: “This car is a third evolution of the 2022 car with these regulations. We still have one season before the big change of 2026. So we are always looking for the smallest things. The fundamental The architecture of the car has remained the same, but for example there is one feature of the car that I am not very happy with this year, and that is something that will either be changed later this year, or will probably be addressed before next year. ” He did not want to reveal exactly what this property is. Verstappen complained a lot in Miami about the balance and grip of the tires, so for the Dutchman that seems to be the Red Bull’s weakness at the moment.


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