Taiwan earthquake with 7.4 magnitude is strongest in 25 years

Taiwan earthquake with 7.4 magnitude is strongest in 25 years
Taiwan earthquake with 7.4 magnitude is strongest in 25 years

Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines have all canceled their tsunami warnings, whilst the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has said the threat to the United States has “largely passed”.

Tsunami waves were observed on the coasts of Taiwan and far southwestern Japanese islands after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan on Wednesday morning.

But there were no immediate reports of any major damage caused by these waves.

In Taiwan: Tsunami heights reached nearly half a meter, or 1.5 feet, in Chenggong, approximately 100 km (62 miles) south of the quake’s epicenter.

Observed tsunami heights are measured over open water and can reach significantly higher when they reach shore.

In Japan: A 0.3-meter wave impacted Okinawa Island, Naha airport spokesperson Hideaki Tsurodo told CNN, but no waves reached the airport and it was soon reopened.

In the Philippines: The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said “no significant sea level disturbances” had been recorded since the earthquake.

“With this, any effects due to the tsunami warning have largely passed,” the institute said.

In the US: The threat of any tsunami risk has “largely passed”, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said. The update issued by its warning center in Honolulu said the evaluation was “based on all available data.”

It added that minor sea level “fluctuations” of up to 30 centimeters above and below normal tide levels could continue “over the next few hours.”

The US Tsunami Warning Center also advised government agencies to “monitor conditions at the coast to determine if and when it is safe to resume normal activities.”

Tsunami waves less than 0.3 meters may be observed for the coasts of Guam, Indonesia, Northern Marianas, Palau, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, and Yap, the center added.

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