Huge muscles: Schagense ‘She Hulk’ Jackie goes viral and makes it to the New York Post

Huge muscles: Schagense ‘She Hulk’ Jackie goes viral and makes it to the New York Post
Huge muscles: Schagense ‘She Hulk’ Jackie goes viral and makes it to the New York Post

2023 couldn’t start better for Jackie Koorn – also known as She Hulk – from Schagen. None other than a journalist from the New York Post contacted her because of her openness on social media about her body. “I’m a big woman and I have my curves, hips and feminine shapes, but I’m also healthy and fit.”

It’s actually purely coincidental that between the many messages that Jackie gets on her Instagram sees one by an American journalist. They get in touch and the journalist named Amy would like to write an article about Jackie for the New York Post. “I’m always looking for unique people and you’re one of them, she told me,” says Jackie.

Jackie is a striking appearance with her enormous muscles and many tattoos. She likes to share videos of herself in the gym or selfies on her social media.

Last Monday night the article appeared on the website of the New York Post and Jackie finds that very special. “It’s really bizarre, all of New York just reads it,” she says proudly.

New followers

It’s all still very unreal for the down-to-earth ‘She Hulk’, but she soon notices the impact the article has on her social media. “I already had 5,000 followers a few hours after the article came online,” she says. “My phone rings all day.”

De Schagense is happy with all the attention, because she hopes to inspire other women. “I want to be an example for other big women, because I’ve only gotten bigger, but I’m healthy,” she explains. “I hope that many more women can take an example from this.”

Jackie has undergone a major transformation in recent years. in 2014 she weighed about 75 kilograms, but now she weighs 160 kilograms. Yet she has not gained weight due to a poor diet or lack of exercise, on the contrary: “She has gained 70 percent pure muscle strength,” explains Jackie.

Jackie has been using a strict regimen for years to be able to become and stay muscular. That means going to the gym every day for strength training. And that is difficult to maintain you would think, but for ‘She Hulk’ anything but. “I just can’t sit still, so the gym is the ultimate escape from that,” she says with a laugh.

Jackie is currently doing drying training. This means that she wants to convert as much fat mass as possible into muscle mass. Her days always look pretty much the same: “In the morning I start with a protein shake and do 120 push-ups and in the evening I always go to the gym and work out for two hours.”


2023 is already a great year for ‘She Hulk’, but she has even more dreams. She is a fanatic kickboxer and wants to pick it up again and enter the ring for the last time. “My last match was before the corona pandemic and I’m also getting older, so I want to kickbox against someone one more time,” she says.

Now to find an opponent, but Jackie will soon start her competition preparation to be in good shape. And does she have any other plans? “Not really, I live from day to day.”