Xpeng is targeting Tesla customers with this G6

Xpeng is targeting Tesla customers with this G6
Xpeng is targeting Tesla customers with this G6

Did you ever expect that an American car would be the best-selling car in the Netherlands? Ten years ago probably not. Would a Chinese car be at the top of the sales charts in a few years? In any case, Xpeng dreams about it with this G6. The EV has been on sale in its home country of China for some time and is now making its way to Europe.

According to Xpeng, the new G6 has the ‘electric market leaders in its sights’. It cannot be missed that the brand is clearly focusing on the Tesla Model Y, which is currently the best-selling car in the Netherlands and Europe. The wheelbase is 2.89 meters per centimeter the same as the Model Y. The maximum range of a Model Y is 533 kilometers, while the Xpeng G6 should be able to travel a maximum of 570 kilometers.

The Xpeng is stronger, but not faster than the Tesla

The Tesla also loses out in terms of power: 437 hp in the strongest Model Y compared to 476 hp in the G6 AWD Performance. Xpeng also gives a warning for that version: ‘The AWD Performance is only for people with a strong stomach.’ It goes from 0 to 60 mph in four seconds, which is 0.3 seconds slower than the fastest Model Y.

Charging is possible with the Tesla with a maximum of 250 kW: with the Xpeng with even 280 kW. This means that charging the G6 from 10 to 80 percent takes less than 20 minutes. Tesla talks about 241 kilometers of charging per 15 minutes. Another nice extra for the G6: the Xpeng can supply power to external products, such as your e-bike or an air fryer.

Furthermore, the Xpeng G6 is spacious on the inside with a large panoramic roof, adjustable and heated seats all around, four USB ports, two wireless charging stations for telephones and an audio system with 18 speakers. The driver display measures 10.2 inches and the center screen measures 14.96 inches. Optionally, Xpeng installs a fold-out towbar underneath.

The price of the Xpeng G6

The electric SUV can be ordered from May this year. It is not yet known what you pay for the G6. Prices will follow at the end of April. Whether the new Xpeng can steal customers from Tesla will depend entirely on the price in the Netherlands. When you purchase a G6 you get a seven-year or 160,000 kilometer warranty.

To compete with Tesla in terms of price, the cheapest G6 must have a price below 43,990 euros. That is the price of the cheapest Model Y. The Model Y Long Range goes for at least 50,990 in the Netherlands and the Performance version costs at least 56,990 euros. We will soon find out whether Xpeng succeeds.

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