Who lied in the The Voice scandal?

Who lied in the The Voice scandal?
Who lied in the The Voice scandal?

SUBMITTED – They may not be among the biggest Dutch YouTubers, but they have certainly gained a lot of fame. We are talking about the YouTube channel ANGRY with Tim Hofman as presenter. Earlier this year they made an episode about The Voice of Holland. This episode has been watched more than 10 million times. As a result, this channel rises enormously in the list of largest Dutch YouTubers. A second episode will therefore follow.

What happened?

BOOS is a YouTube channel that focuses on people who have a problem with someone. For example, think of people who have been scammed by companies. The Voice is also one of the parties that people are angry about. For those who have not noticed, the following has happened: during the recording of The Voice there were a number of women who had to deal with sexually transgressive behaviour. This behavior came (as far as is now clear) from coaches and from band member Jeroen Rietbergen.

Tim Hofman, together with the people behind the BOOS channel, investigated what exactly happened and how many people have become victims of this sexually transgressive behaviour. He interviewed several alleged victims. He also spoke with John de Mol. He stated that he was not aware of several cases of sexually transgressive behaviour. And in the one case of which he was aware, he says he acted immediately. Afterwards, De Mol let it be known that he was also prepared to answer new questions in the future. But then came episode two…

The new episode

You won’t be one of the biggest Dutch YouTubers if you don’t respond further to the story that brought you the most success. But there is actually a good reason to make a second episode. A lot of things don’t seem right. De Mol claimed in the first episode that he was not aware of several cases of cross-border behaviour. And Hofman is now asking questions about this. An investigation was previously launched after an employee herself indicated that there had been sexually transgressive behaviour. That investigation was drawn up in a report that would also have been handed over to De Mol.

According to BOOS, it could be that the report in question is not entirely correct or that information from it has been withheld from De Mol. But the program also comes with a scenario in which De Mol might lie. In the episode it can in any case be seen that no one wants to speak to Hofman, both the people who (should) have passed on the information to De Mol and De Mol himself. And that while De Mol said that he would like to speak to Hofman again.

Reason enough for a third episode as far as we’re concerned. There is still plenty to find out about the alleged lies behind The Voice. And then BOOS probably also rises further in the list of largest Dutch YouTubers. A win-win if you ask us.

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