On to 25 degrees, but first we have to bite the bullet

On to 25 degrees, but first we have to bite the bullet
On to 25 degrees, but first we have to bite the bullet

It’s going to be a bit of a grind over the next few days, but after the sour comes the sweet. Summer weather is coming later in the week, Johnny Willemsen from Weerplaza promised on Tuesday morning in the radio program ‘WAKKER!’ on Omroep Brabant. The temperature will rise towards 20 degrees on Friday and even towards 25 degrees on Saturday.

According to Willemsen, these temperatures are due to a depression that originated near Portugal and Spain. “It does not move to our country, but to the west of Ireland. It sets in motion a strong southerly current.”

“Set up the barbecue properly, because there is wind.”

The weatherman from Weerplaza speaks of a ‘huge portion of soft air’ that is being sent our way from Spain and the surrounding area. “Saturday will probably also be a dry day, with sun. Typical barbecue weather, then. “That could just be possible. You have to set up the barbecue correctly, because there will be wind. But in terms of temperature it seems possible.”

Until then, we will mainly have to deal with rain, starting today, Tuesday. “Showers that were still near Calais in France early in the morning are coming this way,” Willemsen said. “The first showers are for the west of the province, Bergen op Zoom and surrounding areas. They will move further over Brabant during the morning. We will also experience heavy showers in the first half of the afternoon. But later in the afternoon the sun will break through more often and it will be dry. The temperature will be around 12 or 13 degrees in the afternoon with a strong southwest wind.”

“Wednesday and Thursday first rain, later an alternation of sun and showers.”

It will also be changeable on Wednesday and Thursday. This is the result of low pressure areas moving over the British Isles and the North Sea. “We will then get the rain. First rain, later an alternation of sun and showers. We will see that on Wednesday and Thursday.” But then comes the sweet part: just a little patience.

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