Zeeland portal with tips and help for future-proof entrepreneurship launched

Zeeland portal with tips and help for future-proof entrepreneurship launched
Zeeland portal with tips and help for future-proof entrepreneurship launched

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MIDDELBURG – On Tuesday, April 2, the Province of Zeeland launched the Future-Proof Entrepreneurship portal. The portal focuses on requests for help from entrepreneurs, social organizations and business parks in the field of energy transition. It offers step-by-step plans, relevant information and referrals to parties that can help further. This launch complies with the motion ‘Standing up for SMEs & social organizations’ of CDA, CU, SGP and GL/PvdA of November 11, 2022.

Zeeland companies and social organizations play a major role in the energy transition. By becoming more sustainable, they contribute to a greener world and work on the future-proofing of their company or organization. But determining this sustainable future and translating it into executable plans is often a challenge. In discussions with entrepreneurs, it emerged that there is a need for one place where all relevant information can be found. This and the motion of the Provincial Council led to the arrival of the Future-Proof Entrepreneurship Portal.

Future-proof Entrepreneurship Portal

Where do you start as an entrepreneur? And what are the next steps? The Future-Proof Entrepreneurship portal helps organizations map out a sustainable route. The portal focuses on three target groups: SMEs, social organizations and industrial estates. “There is a lot of information available, but it was fragmented. Impuls Zeeland, RES Zeeland, Knowledge and Innovation Networks. Everyone has a little piece of the puzzle. With this portal and the Entrepreneurs Tour, we hope to provide Zeeland entrepreneurs with sufficient tools to get started on making their business or real estate future-proof,” said deputy Jo-Annes de Bat.

In development

The portal will be further supplemented in the coming months with animated videos, example stories of Zeeland entrepreneurs and even more relevant information. A number of new subsidy schemes will also open this year, such as for making buildings more sustainable for small SMEs. The portal continues to be developed. The functioning of the portal will be evaluated in 2025.

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