Niels Destadsbader behaved in ‘Villa Sporza’ downright embarrassing

Niels Destadsbader behaved in ‘Villa Sporza’ downright embarrassing
Niels Destadsbader behaved in ‘Villa Sporza’ downright embarrassing

He was welcomed by the VRT as an absolute top transfer. But his performance as fourth bench seater with the Red Devils was downright embarrassing. What’s going on with Niels ‘pils’ Destadsbader?

About the uninspired football of Kevin De Bruyne and co. some ink has already been spilled against Canada. But the most lamentable performance happened not on the field, but off it. A year ago, the VRT managed to steal the viewing figure from its biggest competitor. A top transfer, it sounded in all media last summer. The taxpayer was not allowed to know for how much, but certainly for much more than 300,000 euros per year. But yes, Niels Destadsbader had x-factor. Charisma, it was said.

To date, the VRT has not yet lined up its goldcrest in a top competition: the presenter of The masked singer still has no major TV show. On Wednesday evening it was possible to see what a talent the public broadcaster has brought in and in which position he can play. While the big people analyzed the Belgium-Canada game, he was allowed to report from the canteen of Stormvogels Haasrode. With his x-factor, the big earner had to make the connection with the common person – in terms of condescending attitude at the VRT, that can already count.

Ricky is ours! Ricky is ours! Rikske is ours!’ Three times Niels Destadsbader had to shout it into his microphone before there was any support from the stunned football fans around him. So far the image of Destadsbader as a demagogue. Was this the man who fills Sports Palaces? Even the Fulmars weren’t up for it.

Fortunately, there is a word for it in the Dutch language: embarrassing. But it is also embarrassing, for the public broadcaster, for the viewers and especially for Niels Destadsbader himself. Save that boy from himself.

For the viewer at home, it wasn’t even the first moment of vicarious embarrassment. Destadsbader, with his experience as an actor in FC the champions, had also managed to place a completely drunk man at the bar on a pedestal. Now no one but Fifa would think of banning alcohol for football supporters, but celebrating alcoholism on public broadcasting in a program that banishes the whole family in front of TV? Shocking. And then show up for Kom op tegen Kanker. Hopefully he will report to Belgium-Morocco from the shisha bar.

This week, the VRT announced the dismissal of 68 people. It has been known since Wednesday evening how they can still be saved.

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