Kovacs cancels clip with Rammstein singer after allegations | show

Kovacs cancels clip with Rammstein singer after allegations | show
Kovacs cancels clip with Rammstein singer after allegations | show

Singer Kovacs no longer wants to release the video clip of the song she made with Rammstein singer Till Lindemann. Several women accused the lead singer of (sexual) misconduct in recent days.

Sharon Kovacs, as the 33-year-old singer is called in full, would release the video for the song last week Child of sin. After Lindemann was discredited, the singer decided not to continue, she says The Telegraph.

“He has always been very respectful to me,” says the singer about her collaboration with the singer. “But my heart goes out to everyone who has experienced sexual abuse.”


The singer had already postponed the clip earlier this year due to trauma and addictions. Not long after the song’s release, the singer entered a rehab clinic in South Africa for seven weeks, making it difficult to promote the song. “In South Africa I received therapy and now I no longer drink and I have not smoked weed for two months.”

Rammstein condemns “any form of violence,” the German band wrote on Instagram after the accusations. The band asked not to condemn the people who made the allegations. “They are entitled to their opinion. But we, the band, also have a right – not to be judged as well.”

Singer Kovacs performs at the Philharmonie in Haarlem. © BrunoPress/Harold Versteeg

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