The first (local) day of summer is coming, despite the lack of radiant weather | Domestic

The first (local) day of summer is coming, despite the lack of radiant weather | Domestic
The first (local) day of summer is coming, despite the lack of radiant weather | Domestic
Door Robbert van der Linde

There is a good chance that it will be summery warm in parts of the Netherlands on Saturday. The mercury can rise to 25 degrees in North Brabant and Limburg. But due to clouds and Sahara sand it may not be too sunny.

Wat is een warme, zomerse of tropische dag?

  • Warme dag: minstens 20 graden
  • Zomerse dag: minstens 25 graden
  • Tropische dag: minstens 30 graden
  • Voor een officiële of landelijke warme/zomerse/tropische dag moet de temperatuur in De Bilt gemeten worden
  • Anders wordt er gesproken van een lokale warme/zomerse/tropische dag

It is almost certain that Saturday will be a warm day nationwide. “We will reach those 20 degrees in De Bilt on Saturday,” Weerplaza meteorologist Floris Lafeber told

“There is also a little more than a 50 percent chance that it will be 25 degrees locally in Limburg and North Brabant. Then we call it a local summer day.”

The provinces are located inland, so they do not receive cooling air from the sea and therefore warm up faster. In addition, the warm air flow comes from the south.

It is not unusual for it to become warm in April in North Brabant and Limburg. “It is warmer than usual for this time of year, but it has happened more often in recent years,” says Lafeber.

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Daily records will be broken

In 2020, 23 degrees were measured in De Bilt on April 6. That is still the temperature record on that date. But several records will “almost certainly” be broken on Saturday.

“23 degrees in De Bilt is certainly possible on Saturday. In addition, the local record for April 6 is 24.5 degrees, which was measured in Arcen in Limburg in 2020. We will also at least come close to that on Saturday.”

Warm weather does not necessarily mean nice weather

So it is certain that it will be warm. But a bright day is a lot less certain. No matter how bright the sun shines, we notice it significantly less when it is cloudy.

“Of course the sun will shine brightly at these temperatures. But it will not be very clear due to the clouds,” Lafeber predicts. According to the meteorologist, anyone who wants to go to the beach should also take strong winds into account.

In addition, that wind, together with warm air, also blows Sahara sand from the south in our direction. That sand can block sunlight and therefore also moderate the temperature. Lafeber: “Then the sunset also gets a beautiful red color.”

Because the Sahara sand is at an altitude and little precipitation is predicted, the chance of dirty windows and cars is small.

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