First online SKINYOGA course launched in the Netherlands

First online SKINYOGA course launched in the Netherlands
First online SKINYOGA course launched in the Netherlands

Suzanne has built up a loyal group of social media followers with She recently organized a free Insta live masterclass Natural Skin Lifting massage, which received many positive responses. This led to the development of a complete Biocare SKINYOGA course.

Loving journey of self-massage for the face

The SKINYOGA course promises a loving journey of self-massage for the face, with the Natural Skin Lifting technique at its core. The course is distinguished by the many benefits that facial massage brings: improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin, stimulating the facial muscles and promoting lymphatic flow, resulting in a detoxifying effect, reduction of impurities and a tighter skin.

Experience and expertise

At a time when the focus is on appearance, cosmetic procedures and perfecting (social media) images, Suzanne advocates an approach to natural aging. With decades of experience in her profession and a weekly dedication to massaging her own face, Suzanne has personally experienced how the massage has improved and firmed her skin. Now Suzanne shares her experience and expertise through an understandable online SKINYOGA course, with a special module dedicated to the process of self-acceptance, including a challenge that contributes to this process.

Self-acceptance module

Suzanne emphasizes: “I strongly believe in natural aging. I have personally experienced how regularly massaging my face has improved my skin. I wish this for others as well. I have also added a module in my course on self-acceptance, including a challenge. I have also completed this challenge myself and introduced those around me to the challenge. Thanks to the positive feedback I have received, I can confirm that the challenge really works!”

Use natural products

With the SKINYOGA course, women are encouraged to use natural products with high-quality active ingredients. In addition, the course stimulates self-acceptance, which leads to increased self-confidence.

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