MediaMarkt Netherlands new Main Partner Feyenoord |

MediaMarkt Netherlands new Main Partner Feyenoord |
MediaMarkt Netherlands new Main Partner Feyenoord |

Feyenoord will have a new Main Partner from next season: MediaMarkt Nederland. The partnership starts on July 1, 2024 and is concluded until June 30, 2027. The three-year agreement was officially ratified on Wednesday in De Kuip.

MediaMarkt and Feyenoord found each other partly because of a number of commonalities and values: the head office of MediaMarkt Benelux is in Rotterdam, both organizations have a ‘no nonsense’ culture and are at the heart of society.

Remko Rijnders, CEO of MediaMarkt Benelux, says: ‘MediaMarkt is the electronics chain for everyone. Whether they are gamers, gadget fanatics or customers who need a new TV or toaster. And so football is a sport for all people and Feyenoord is the club par excellence for everyone, no matter where you come from.’

Also women’s team and youth

From next season, the logo of the new Main Partner can be seen on the shirts of the first men’s team and also on the training clothing for European matches, shirts of the women’s team and those of the youth. In addition, MediaMarkt will be prominently visible on the boarding along the field and will develop campaigns together with Feyenoord. The electronics retailer also makes tickets for football matches, merchandise and access to events available to staff, customers and partners. In addition, the partnership will receive ample attention in the 55 stores in the Netherlands throughout the year.

Ruud van der Knaap, commercial director of Feyenoord, is pleased with the partnership: ‘We are proud that a big name like MediaMarkt is joining our club. As market leaders in their industry, just like Feyenoord, they are an established name and very ambitious party that wants to make even further progress. It is not without reason that their sporty and challenging motto is ‘Let’s go’. That is exactly what we will do together as partners. With the support of MediaMarkt, Feyenoord is taking another step forward. Conversely, we can contribute enormously to their commercial objectives, partly thanks to Feyenoord’s reach of millions through its own media channels and our database.’

Social projects

Another reason for entering into this partnership is the involvement of both parties in various social projects and charities. For example, MediaMarkt is involved in the Forgotten Child Foundation, the Erasmus Challenge for students and supported the victims after the earthquake in Turkey. Feyenoord and its Foundation are very active when it comes to supporting social projects in the region and the country. MediaMarkt will also work with Feyenoord on a number of these projects.

International ambitions

MediaMarkt, which is active in 11 countries in Europe, is also charmed by the international success of the reigning national champion and its international ambitions. MediaMarkt is the market leader in Europe and therefore sees a lot of connection in that respect as well.

Remko Rijnders: ‘We are extremely proud of this strategic partnership. This is a special step for us in the Netherlands, which is a reflection of the development that MediaMarkt is going through here. But this is also a first in our international group. We strongly recognize Feyenoord’s great ambitions, passion, culture and people-orientation and that is an important reason for entering into this partnership.’


There is also a lot of connection in the field of diversity and inclusion. Rijnders: “Another reason we are so enthusiastic is that with our partnership we will also support the women’s team and the youth. Diversity and inclusion are important to us. With our ‘Women in Retail’ initiative, we strengthen the position of women in this sector through a variety of initiatives, such as recently during International Women’s Day where we organized a women’s lunch at our head office and hosted a TED speaker. Because we believe that more is always possible. Feyenoord thinks the same. In addition, young people often have a part-time job in retail or young people start their working lives in this sector. Young people also know how to find us for gaming events, among other things. We are very much looking forward to working together in the coming years and are confident that this partnership will stimulate our growth and further strengthen the loyalty and experience of our customers.’


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